Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If I ever feel like I'm running short on blogging material, all I have to do is follow Jude for a couple of hours - his antics are nothing less than blogging gold.

For the past few days Jude has been playing with his "friend" Rocco.  Rocco is a blue ball - a bit smaller than a golf ball - made of silly putty.  Yesterday the two of them were playing hide and seek together.

"Rooooooocco?  You're such a good hider!  Mom, have you seen Rocco?  Wait, I think I hear something.  (Jude fakes a snicker on Rocco's behalf)  Oh - there you are, Rocco - your laughing gave away your hiding spot!  You need to be quieter next time."

Absolutely true.

Anyway, I guess Jude decided to sleep with Rocco last night because this morning he woke up looking like this:

I was surprised he wasn't TOTALLY devastated that we were going to have to throw both Rocco and the shirt away. He handled it really well.  After realizing what he had done - and seeing the mess on his shirt, he asked for a piece of paper.  (This is probably the second thing he asks for every single day).  So while Rob and I exercised, he was working on something in the kitchen.

Apparently he was a bit embarrassed about what he had done, and didn't want Kaden (the cute kid we drive to school every morning) to see the mess on his shirt. Yes, half of my kids are still in pajamas when  I drive the morning carpool.

What did he do?

Naturally he replicated his shirt on a piece of paper to cover up the mess.  It's the obvious choice.

I'm sure nobody could tell the difference.

This kid SLAYS me.

BDEM:  I get a lot of cold sores.  They are big, nasty, painful and ugly.  As of today I do believe I have found the cure - or at least the way to keep them small and painless.  It has made my current cold sore bearable, and I'll keep you posted on whether or not it continues to work.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though, because I need a cold sore miracle!  

Water:  74 oz.  Good day!


Snarr mama said...

I seriously LOVE that boy!

Deon said...

Where DOES Jude get those absolutely outside-the-box yet so brilliant ideas of his? I can't wait to see the earth-shattering stuff he comes up with when he's 20 or 30. He's going to be another Steve Jobs, I tell ya!

Okay, missy! Cold sores! My absolute nemesis! I am always stating that I wouldn't wish them on my very worst enemy. They are a curse! I think I remember you blogging about how much they not only affect you physically but psychologically too? They sure do that to me, and I get them so easily that all I have to do is think about them or see someone with one, and wham-bam, thank you ma'am, I've got a doozy. I'm dying to hear your cure/miracle!!!

Nicole said...

He is SO awesome.

As for cold sores - I don't get them (don't hate me) but Ryan gets them a lot. As soon as he starts to feel one coming he starts taking Lysine. It is in the vitamin section and then he will use the abreva and it usually doesn't get very big and it doesn't stay very long - maybe like a week if that long.

Unknown said...

you can NOT leave us hanging about your cold sore medicine??!!!!