Monday, January 30, 2012

The Birthday Boy

32 Fun Facts about the man I love the most:

1.  He loves the outdoors
2.  He loves classic cars
3.  Contrary to #2, he also loves old Honda Accords (I'm still baffled by this one)
4.  He is almost at his goal of having a six pack
5.  He'll die when he realizes that I posted #4 on a public blog
6.  He is fluent in Spanish
7.  He is a golfer
8.  When he can't golf, he is a snowboarder
9.  He eats a lot of tuna melts
10.  He is not a soda drinker
11.  My soda addiction drives him crazy
12.  I'm not going to change
13.  He has a BA in Psychology
14.  He owns 50+ tee shirts (this was after the purging)
15.  He is apparently a better dresser than I am
16.  He doesn't snore
17.  He gets in trouble for playing games on his phone at meal times
18.  He is very  handy around the house - and would give up office work if manual labor paid enough
19.  He is unbelievably organized.....I'm talking same status as my father
20.  He lives for finding new bands
21.  He is the most honest person I know
22.  He will drop everything if someone needs help
23.  He is dependable
24.  He, more than any person I know, desires to be at home with his kids as much as possible
25.  He loves to wrestle with his kids - even more than he loves #7 and #8
26.  He would eat Portillo's daily if he could
27.  Despite all of my faults, he tells me daily that he loves me and means it
28.  He is a goal setter, and a goal completer
29.  He tells the kids a made-up-on-the-spot bedtime story every single night
30.  Even with all of these amazing qualities, he's always the quiet guy in the back
31.  His ability to learn quickly is super annoying - he'll beat you at your own game the second time
32.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and the best dad my kids could ask for

Happy 32nd Birthday to my handsome, loving, supportive husband.  I'll spend the next 32 years trying to become as amazing to you as you are to me.  After 32 years I'll probably quit, though...because if I haven't succeeded by then, it's probably not going to happen.  Here's hoping!

Love you so much, babe!

BDEM:  Claire was so fun this morning!  She was giggly, playful and cuddly.  I couldn't put her down to get my stuff done - but I have no regrets.  It was a morning I'll remember for a long time!

Water:  40 oz
Weight:  -.5  I didn't lose much this week, but I think I dropped a pant size - which is a definite win


Linz said...

Aww...what a wonderful list! You guys are sooooo great together!

brandon. said...

That was beautiful! You are both amazing.