Monday, May 07, 2012


Have you seen this?  Maybe it's been floating around the inter web for a while - but us old folks aren't always on top of it.  

I hope that they were awesome, magic friends.

Speaking of - I could really use some awesome, magic friends.  They seem like they would add a lot of fun to my life.  Anybody want to volunteer?

BDEM:  NOT A SINGLE DROP OF VOMIT IN OUR HOME TODAY.  (I shouldn't jinx this, my stomach is really queasy at the moment - but I'm just putting it out there so the universe knows vomit is not allowed in this place anymore.)
Water:  40 oz


Something Wilde said...

I'd love to be one of your super awesome magical friends, but alas I was not blessed with the magical white aura.

Stef said...

OH.MY. I KNEW Harry Potter was real!

P.S. I can be your super magical friend. I do believe in fairies.