Saturday, May 05, 2012

So Well Put

I accidentally ran across this today - and it just so happened to go hand in hand with the lesson that I will be teaching in church tomorrow.  I found it in a magazine - that I don't read, and I couldn't find (believe it or not) an author of the article.  However - I wanted to share this with you all because, honestly, at some point in our lives we are going to have to deal with this.  Probably tomorrow - then again the next day - and quite possibly every single day following it until the day we die.  Maybe even after we die...I'm not sure yet!

How can I repair broken or damaged relationships?

Be the example and take the initiative.  If you are the one offended, do some soul searching to see if there's some truth about what they are saying, and CHOOSE not to be hurt.  Most of the things we get hurt over aren't that painful anyway.  In fact, they give us a chance to grow.

If you are the offender, ask for forgiveness. This simple act is so powerful in mending relationships that it is almost impossible to measure the impact.

When you bow, bow low.  Genuine apologies should not be done halfway.  If you are sorry, then be really sorry.  If you are asking for forgiveness, then make sure you really mean it.

Never say, "I'm really sorry, but if you hadn't done that, I wouldn't have reacted the way I did."  That's not an apology, that's an excuse.

Definitely words to live by.  Now don't go saying I never teach you anything on this blog.  It may be the first and last time...but them words are kind, them words are smart, and them words are important.  

BDEM:  More sicky couch lounging.  But I sure did enjoy watching Follow That Bird with my littles.  One of the top ten movies of my childhood - and I love sharing it with them.

Water:  More Powerade

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Deon said...

I love this! I agree with you, definitely words to live by. And remember. And revisit. And reread. And actually adhere to. Love, love, love this!

On a different note, your family sure has my sympathies! A trip to the ER? Are ya kiddin' me? Sending you guys much love and hope for a speedy recovery for all!!!