Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor

Our neighbors really lived up to the commandment the week that we got sick.  We were showered with all sorts of thoughtful things:  chicken noodle soup, Sprite, toys for the kids, B.R.A.T. diet foods, and a zoo.

Yep, a zoo.  Our neighbors down the street heard that Maddie couldn't go to the zoo because she got sick, so they decided to bring the zoo to her.  How thoughtful was that?!

I should have taken a picture with my camera instead of my phone - but I really wasn't thinking straight that day!

The kids jumped for joy as the family paraded all these balloon animals into our home.  They even made the word zoo out of balloons.  I'm pretty sure that in the secret society of balloonies, (the SSOB) that talent earns you top honors.

Thanks, friends for being SO wonderful to our family in our time of need.  We wouldn't have made it through without you!

Special shout outs to Brownings, Woods,  Wilsons, Thompsons and Hiatts.  You all really stepped up and helped out a family in need.

BDEM:  Maddie's school carnival.  I cannot believe this school year is almost over.  Maddie has said, "It seems like only yesterday I was going to my first day of school..." at least ten times over the past week.  As corny as it is, it's so true.  

Water:  50 oz
Coke Zero:  24 oz  (last time I even mention that)

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