Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Red Rock

I thought about adjusting the levels on these photos, but then I decided to leave them natural so you could see the intense color in these rocks.  Even if that meant washing out all of the skin tones of the rest of my family. 

I thought I had avoided this shot (entering "The Narrows")

How narrow "The Narrows" actually get.  Adults have to shimmy along sideways to make it through...IF you can fit! Jude and Ella are ahead of Maddie.

Aren't they darling - red faces and all?!

BDEM:  BDEM also qualifies as WDEM (Worst Day Ever Moment).  Tonight we had to say goodbye to my little brother.  He and his wife are moving back east tomorrow, and we will miss them something fierce. But even at his going away party, we had a great time.  Because wherever you find Johnny, you also find good times.  

Water:  60 oz



Stef said...

First of all, these picture are GORGEOUS. Secondly, I seriously want to cry (pregnancy hormones) when I realize I won't read your blog every day. PLEASE start a new goal, like blogging every other day or something. If you don't blog, I will have to be unlazy and actually call or something to find out what the haps are. Think of me....

kathryn said...

Ditto to everything that Stef said. Don't be selfish by stopping daily blogging :)

Also, just looking at pictures of The Narrows makes me a little claustrophobic.