Friday, May 11, 2012

Bye Bye Brandon

Our good buddy Brandon is headed on a super-awesome-nerdy-scientisty-earth-loving-internship for the summer.  It is the dream of every biology major out there.  I'm fairly sure he will be digging up rocks, dusting dirt off dinosaur bones with small brushes, driving a green jeep and searching for the Ark of the Covenant all at the same time.  It will be the summer of his dreams.

To give him a proper sendoff, a bunch of us got together and let him host a party at his super-awesome-has-everything-you've-ever-dreamed-of-having house.  It was so thoughtful of us.

We ate burgers, hotdogs, seven layer dip, red vines, and homemade oreos.  We then played a game called bang, and had some amazing ping pong tournaments.

The night was perfect.  Good luck, Brando on your super-awesome adventure.  We wish you all the best and are looking forward to the welcome home party we're going to let you throw.

Ping Pong Pals

Home Theatre

Home Pirate Room

Home Neverland Club

Thanks for having us, Brando!  Hope you bring home a lovely maiden from your internship!

BDEM:  Round the world ping-pong tournaments.  Literally, hilarious.  

Water:  30 oz

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Deon said...

Whoa. Nice digs!

Kind of funny that you guys played Bang. Ashley and Jordan tried to teach that game to us, and at one point Dave was so frustrated about who could shoot whom, etc., etc., that he finally asked if he could just shoot himself. We haven't played it since . . .