Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm down to the wire on this blog-a-day thing, and I almost forgot. Can you imagine the guilt I would feel if I made it for this long, then missed a post less than a week before my time was done? I'm still phone blogging, so it's just going to be a short and sweet check in to say that St. George is awesome. I honestly love it here and often wish I had some reason to live here permanently. We ate at an insanely good Mexican dive called Irmitas. It's not as divey as it once was, but it's still close enough that you know by appearance only, it is going to be authentic. Next time you're here, stop by and grab a Torta. It is life changing for lovers of Mexican cuisine. So, yeah. St. George. Wish you were here! BDEM: Watching the kids get re acquainted with their great uncle. We had so much fun with him today! Water: Does swallowed pool water count? Okay, then maybe 20 oz or so. But I'm feeling my bad choices now.

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