Monday, May 14, 2012

The Back

I've spent the last three summers hating my back yard.  It has so much potential, but for some reason I just haven't put any effort into it lately.  I've complained, I've ignored, I've avoided...but no longer.  I decided that THIS WAS THE YEAR to get my favorite summer spot whipped back into shape.  Truth be told, I'm actually kind of enjoying it - and I'd call today a complete success.  There are only a couple of small projects left - which I will hopefully finish over the next week or so.

Everything seemed to go my way.  Well, everything except for this:

I had to pick up the second Mother's Day chair, but I didn't even think about the fact that it wouldn't fit in my car.  I figured it would basically stay put - but, I guess I figured wrong.  This baby fell out of my trunk TWICE while driving, and I swear I got at LEAST ten, "You stupid woman," looks from men that passed me while driving.  I was so nervous driving home that by the time I pulled into the driveway I could hardly unclench my hands from the steering wheel.

Oh well, lesson learned...and at least my second chair made it home - somewhat safely.

BDEM:  Eating pizza on the patio while basking in the joy of a job well done.  

Water:  50 oz


Jodi said...

It sounds like we need to have a get-together in your beautiful new back yard! We're doing our back yard this summer too so we'll have you down for a BBQ and a night-o-fun when it's all complete! I'll start practicing my shaing-hai skills!

kathryn said...

pictures... we need pictures of the new backyard. i LOVE your backyard and miss our "surprise" playdates where i just show up with my brood and demand you let us play.