Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids Interrupted

I walked into the kitchen this evening to see papers all over the kitchen table.  Immediately all three kids screamed, "GET OUT MOM!  CLOSE YOUR EYES!"  As soon as I saw the mess, I realized that I had walked in on them putting together my Mother's Day surprise.  I closed my eyes, walked out, and made myself busy by cleaning up all the toys the kids had left out.  In the process I grabbed a few pieces of garbage and tried to sneakily put them into the kitchen trash can.  Jude spotted me and yelled, "Quit coming in here, Mom - because we're not doing ANYTHING!"

As the kids gathered for prayers Maddie said, "We're all done in the kitchen, Mom.  We weren't doing anything at all - just sitting around and telling jokes and funny stories."

I gave her the sad face and said, "What?  You don't think I like jokes and funny stories?"

She got a little nervous and said, "Oh, I just totally forgot.  Actually we were all just sitting at the kitchen table taking little naps, right Dad? It was just really boring."

Tomorrow is going to be awesome.

BDEM:  Dinner picnic at the park.  Sammies, seven-layer bean dip, blueberries and Otter Pops.  Does it get any better than that?!

Water:  20 oz - I'll be glad when June comes and I can stop blogging about my water failures.

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