Monday, May 28, 2012

Uncle Jeril

I have a bazillion St. George photos - but I am still editing them - so I'll just post these.  While in St. George the kids had the pleasant surprise of spending the afternoon with their great-uncle Jeril.  They have spent time with him before, but usually they are off playing with other cousins when he is around, so this time they REALLY got to know him.  Bless his heart, he put up with (and seemed to enjoy) every single thing they did. You would have thought they were his own grandkids by the way he snuggled with them, read to them, told jokes with them and held their hands as they crossed the street.

Upon arrival he asked the kids for help unloading his stuff, and the three older ones jumped at the chance.  Jude carried in one shoe and newspapers, Maddie rolled in a suitcase, and Ella carried in his pillow - except she totally forgot the "carry" part of it and ended up dragging his pillow all the way from the car - up two flights of outdoor stairs - and across the concrete.  By the time the pillow made its way inside it was completely black.   I was MORTIFIED - but sweet Jeril just thanked her for the help, and ASKED HER IF SHE WANTED TO HELP AGAIN!!  She just beamed with pride while I stripped off the pillowcase and threw it in the wash.

Here he is telling the kids the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  Maddie is whispering to him that maybe they should change the end of the story so Red and the Big Bad Wolf fall in love and get married and have babies.

Please note the stain on Jeril's shirt. He would not want you to miss it.

Thanks, Jeril for enjoying my kids.  It meant the world to them.  They also say thanks for dinner and balloons and suckers - and can't wait to see you again!

BDEM:  Pool time!  Claire hated it - but we all sure had fun!  

Water:  30 oz - I'll get back into it tomorrow when I get back to working out.


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Jodi said...

Jeril (and Suzanne) are so great!They are so good at making everyone feel loved and important. I'm sad that your every day blogging is coming to an end...I look forward to logging on every day and seeing something new. I guess it's time to "revive" my blog but I know it won't be as fun as reading yours!!