Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marshmallows + Rice Krispies =

Love in its most simple form.

That is...until your kids start complaining that one and a half rice krispie treats are not enough, they are still hungry - and wish that you had made something that would fill them up instead.

(But don't you just love how the black and white photos imply nostalgia and a sense of good old fashioned fun?  Like we were some kind of "families are so happy with rice krispie treats" commercial.)

BDEM:  All my kids have been super obsessed with Ghostbusters lately...and I couldn't be more proud.  Today Ella actually said to me, "I was just about to say, eight o'clock?"  Anyway, Jude was watching me make the above treats, and I sat by as he had this little conversation with himself:

"Hmmm...so if you squeeze an orange - you get orange juice.  If you squeeze a grape, you get grape juice.  But if you squeeze a marshmallow, you get fluff.  And fluff is the stuff that falls over pencil-neck on Ghostbusters.  So that means, The Marshmallow Man is made of fluff."  He paused - then the lightbulb struck.  "MOM!!!  I eat Marshmallow Man sandwiches for lunch!"  (He LOVES fluffer-nutter sandwiches.) 

Water:  50 oz

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Nicole said...

Jude's comment is so cute. He is such a smart kid. I love watching Courtney think and figure things out - how they reason things in their minds. LOL.

Dang - now I really want Rice Krispy Treats.....