Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am Blessed

My blessings, my homemade crown, and my new chair.  

Happy Mother's Day!  

BDEM:  As we were getting the kids to bed, Rob asked everyone what they loved about me.  They all came up with interesting answers like, "I like when Mom makes my lunch," or "I like when Mom drops me off at school."  I am obviously a VERY compassionate person if those were their answers!  Anyway, I think Ella got a bit confused, because when we were talking, she panicked and realized she hadn't given the answer she wanted.  She begged and begged to say it again, so when it was once again her turn she said, "I love Claire because she kisses me on the bum."  And she was serious.  

Water:  10 oz.  


Lisa said...

All hail the queen! Darling picture and you are one great Mom! I can tell.

Stef said...

You are SUCH a great mom! My favorite thing about this picture is the spider on Jude's head...can he PLEASE marry one of my girls?

Linz said...

What a wonderful picture!!! I agree, the spider on Jude's head really makes this pictures extra fab.