Friday, May 04, 2012

Rough Times

Last night Maddie started throwing up around 11pm.  Of course it was the night before the zoo field trip that she has looking forward to for weeks.  I was really excited too because I was going to chaperone and I thought it would be a really great day for the two of us to spend together.  Then I got sick about midnight.  Claire was throwing up the day before, and then this morning Jude started.  Yuck.  It has been a rough couple of days, and thus far I'm not feeling any better.  Poor Maddie must have been sick twelve times last night, and I was up to seven.  Jude only hit three - but add on Claire's couple of times and that is a LOT of cleaning up.  

Rob has done it all - on very little sleep.  While I was in one bathroom he was in another with Maddie.  He's cleaned the sheets, wiped the mouths and kept up the house cleaning and dishes.  What a good man. So forgive me for cutting this short and not even worrying about the writing.  I'm too pooped.  I've spent most of the day in bed - and plan to get back in there as soon as I possibly can.

BDEM:  In all of my sickness and grogginess, I have had such a good afternoon just watching Claire.  She is getting so big and is such a hilarious kid.  Even at my absolute sickest that kid is able to bring a smile to my face.

Water:  Pure water?  None.  I've had about a half bottle of Powerade, and a little bit of sprite.  

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Deon said...

Gosh darn it. My heart goes out to you. It is hard enough to be the mom and to be sick and still have little kids to look after, but to have them be sick as well? That's not in the contract, I'm pretty sure. Rob has my undying love on behalf of you and yours :D

Hang in there; there is a light at the end of this tunnel.