Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Foy Foy

As a kid whenever someone asked how I was doing my answer was, "I'm good!  How are you?"  Seems pretty normal, right?  Well, somewhere along the line I heard that one guy who answered my "how are you doing?"  with, "I'm well, thanks." And my life was forever changed.

I know that "good" is a totally fine and socially accepted answer - but for some reason I just can't get myself to say it anymore.  But, at the same time, I feel like people who say, "I'm well," are so hoity-toity.  You know...the foy-foy types who make SURE you know how smart they are.  Whenever it comes out of my mouth I just feel like poop.

Tonight was a perfect example.  I was walking through Macy's when I was greeted by a lady behind the purse counter.  She was very kind and said, "Hi, Ma'am - how are you tonight?"  I replied with, "I'm well, thanks - how are you?"  She came back with, "I'm good.  I mean, I'm well, I'm doing really well."

She corrected herself because I had used the word well instead of good.  You could even tell that she was a bit embarrassed because she totally stumbled over every word that came after good.

I cursed myself for saying well.  I always say,  "I'm doing great," or "I'm fantastic, thanks," just to avoid making anyone feel like they need to use correct grammar around me.

Then I thought about my blog (I swear it is my fifth child), and figured I could ask my cyber friends how they handle this situation.  Does it bother you when people say a certain word?  Is good okay to say?  Do you feel that those who answer with well are uppity English majors?

BDEM:  Rob and I had dinner with some of the Korean men he is in business with...although taking Korean's out for sushi just seems wrong...not sure why!

Water:  40 oz


Kim said...

First of all, I love Tracy Jordan.

And secondly, I have the same problem. I can no longer say, "With who?" It always comes out, "With whom?" And boy, do I look silly. But how can you go back to your old, ignorant self when you know the truth?

Deon said...

Gaaahhh! This is a tough one! I'm not sure how to answer this in terms of speaking to the general public, but I do have to admit that I take a pencil to our good old Daily Herald almost daily, circling the amazing and incredibly frequent mistakes. I suppose this is my way of staying true to the grammar rules (and spelling, i.e., your vs. you're {pet peeve}) while not publicly calling anyone out. I know I sound like such a nerd, but seriously? Playing editor in the comfort of my own home is curiously satisfying :D (Yes, I know. Nerd.)

Bruce Gudmundson said...

I stumble with saying "you guys" as a general way of refering to more than one person when a woman is in the mix of the people. "Gals" or "guys and gals" doesn't feel right, "ladies" seems like saying "I'm well!". "The two of you"? "Y'all"? It's all awkward if I think too much on it. :)

kathryn said...

I am constantly reminding my kids to say "May I" instead of "Can I". So maybe that's my thing? My dad would always correct my siblings and me for saying "those ones".

My kids (especially Cash) like to use the term "Shall we" as in, "Mom, shall we go to the park today?". I love it. It makes our family sound all smart 'n stuff.

(p.s. I'm really nervous about posting this comment as I'm sure it's full of all sorts of horrendous grammatical errors.)

Stef said...

I am an English major, a professional writer, and the WORST, WORST speaker of the English language there is.

Linz said...

I feel kind of embarrassed when I say "good", and then the person I'm speaking to says "well" after that. I've been resorting to "great" a lot too. I've definitely had some awkward situations related to this issue!

Melanie & David said...

I have a huge issue with the incorrect way people use "them" instead of "he/she". People do it all the time in everyday conversation, and I can't blame them, because I'm sure I do it too, and it's pretty much socially acceptable. I do, however, get frustrated when it's used in ads cause don't those companies have proof writers??? Case in point; a Pampers ad from several years back drove me absolutely nuts, and went something like this; "Pamper your baby. Keep them dry." So all of a sudden your ONE baby became a MULTITUDE of babies??!! Kills me every time. While I'm rambling, I got corrected EVERY time "me and Tina" slipped out of my mouth to "Tina and I". Gotta love moms who teach you how to NOT sound like an idiot.