Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Father In Law Says Hi


As he walked out of the room he said, "Goodnight - tell everybody hi from your father-in-law."

I think that was an awfully nice thing of him to say, because truthfully - he doesn't know most of you, and if he had any idea what kind of hoodlums followed this blog I think he would be quite upset with me.

That being said, Rob and I have had such a fun trip with his parents.  We have never traveled with them before - being just us and them - and it's been great to watch them interact with the kids and to spend so much time sitting around playing cards.

I love cards, by the way.  I'm always that person who is up for the next all these hands of Shanghai have been a real weekend treat.

Tomorrow afternoon we will return to the real world and life will get busy as it always does, but I'm glad I've had this weekend to remember his parents by.  I'll just tuck it away into a sweet spot in my mind that I can return to some day many many years from now when I tell my grandkids about how playing cards with Rob's parents was such a fun time for us.

BDEM:  I beat everyone at Shanghai...TWICE!

Water:  30 oz

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