Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have mentioned in the past that I love music.  That's really one of those ridiculous statements - but it's true.  Music is my oldest friend.  When I talk to people that aren't ridiculously obsessed with music I am baffled by their existence.  It's strange, but I can actually remember a handful of songs that started me on this path - and over the next few days I am going to share them with you.  I'm changing my playlist in honor of a picture that I just found on the old internet.

Allow me to share:
This was my first music player.  It was a tape player, and I had three tapes that I listened to constantly.  Because this puppy was portable - it went everywhere with me, and by golly - it was absolutely indestructible.  The tapes that I had were

1.  The Bangles
2.  Billy Joel
3.  Some weird Barbie tape that came with a doll which included "today's hits."  (Which can now all be heard on the Oldies station - when did THAT happen?) There's the tape in the bottom right hand corner of the box.  Oh, and this barbie happens to be selling on ebay for $100.  Wow.

For a five year old, I think I had it pretty good.  My own tape player and three tapes.  I even went to my first concert when I was seven years old - it was a Debbi Gibson concert, and I was in HEAVEN.  I remember screaming so loud that I lost my voice.

By the time I was in Kindergarten I was assigning songs to my boy crushes.  I remember having a crush on this kid named Jared, and Paula Abdul's song, "Straight Up," was the song that always reminded me of him because Jared's older brother was always saying that Jared liked me, but Jared would never admit to it.

Yes....I was FIVE.

I have great memories of singing Guns N' Roses while on the swings at first grade recess.  I had no idea what the lyrics to Paradise City actually meant, and I'm sure I got some odd looks from teachers, but I loved that song!

Anyway, please enjoy my random music sampler over the next few days.  Feel free to share any life-changing songs from your childhood as well.

BDEM:  I can't even begin to explain the project that I took on and completed today - but I'm so glad it's done.  It was a DOOZIE!  I'll post pictures tomorrow...maybe!

Water:  80 oz  (Take that, David!)


Sara :-) said...

agh! I had that too! haha!

Sara :-) said...

& ps - sweet playlist! bye bye pandora, I have melissa!

Something Wilde said...

Oh I LOVED Barbie and the Rockers. She was awesome.

David said...

Nice job on the water...I think you should report your other consumption as well :-).