Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Looking for a Healthy Family Dinner?

Then you had better go elsewhere.

However, if you (like me) have those days when you're really lacking in groceries and just want to make a meal out of something you already have in your cupboards....healthy or not...try these!  It basically undoes any kind of healthy choices you have made throughout the day, so beware.  The GOOD news is that it technically is breakfast, so there's no "but I ate so well ALL day long" guilt.  You had just better try again tomorrow.

So pretty

Serve with fresh fruit...since you're so healthy.  

I don't really feel like typing out both recipes, so I'll just give you the link to each.  I should also say that I have made buttermilk syrup many times, but I think this recipe is my favorite.  A bit more buttery, and a bit less sweet than the other ones I've tried.  Still VERY sweet, though!



BDEM:  Wandering around Walmart all on my own.  Granted, I genuinely despise Walmart and go there once every billion years, but for some reason it was just a nice little break today.

Water:  40 oz  I've been slacking lately.

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Lisa said...

That looks really good! My stomach is growling as I type.