Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Movie

I'm phone blogging. That's my disclaimer. We decided to take a spur of the moment-throw-some-clothes-in-a-bag-and-go trip to St. George. The weather is gorgeous, the pools are cool, but the internet is crappy. So, here's my quick version of last night's brilliant move. The Avengers was just about to start when a couple entered the otherwise empty theatre carrying a sleeping, swaddled infant. I was bugged because in this MASSIVE and EMPTY theatre, they chose the row directly in front of us. Come on, people! The movie started and the mother set the baby down on her lap, and began unwrapping all of the blankets. This is where my super annoyed mood turned into complete and utter submission to their awesomness. Instead of a swaddled baby, this couple has snuck in an entire meal from Cafe Rio wrapped in baby blankets. She even carried the food tenderly in the crook of her left arm. Absolute geniuses. When I was in college my friend Ben and I would see matinees several times a week, and we would always bring my backpack full of McDONALD'S. (Honestly, Droid?? You can't spell Thabks right, but McDONALD'S has its own proper capitalization? Give me a break!!) Anyway, we would bring McDONALD'S in, and Ben would always wait until they were taking our tickets to make some comment about how I didn't need a backpack in a movie theatre. "Geez, Melissa, you didn't have to walk all tye way feom the library with so many books...I could have picked you up!" All those years I could have been faking a baby...and nobody would have even questioned my motives. BDEM: I love our family condo down here. Just being here makes me so happy. Water: 40

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Deon said...

Oh. my. gosh. Are you sure you weren't on some sort of Candid Camera set or some such? That Cafe Rio con job so totally cracked me up! I was literally laughing out loud and had to run into the other room to tell Dave about the "baby". So funny!